Setting up CalTopo Mobile

Setting up CalTopo Mobile

Signing In

The CalTopo mobile app requires sign-in at first use, we suggest using the same account that you sign in on the web. This will automatically link your accounts and allow you transfer saved maps, tracks, and other data back and forth between the web app and mobile app easily. This also extends the functions of your paid subscription if you have a paid account. The login is kept secure, and all CalTopo sees is an e-mail address and your name. This knowledge base article shows Android screen shots, however iOS steps are the same (your device may look a little different depending on your iOS/Android version and specific phone).

Sign In Screen

You'll see the initial login screen when you open CalTopo, if you are a SARTopo user you'll need to select the SARTopo server shown here. Otherwise click on Sign In to begin the sign in process.

Login With Account

Use the service/account that you typically use to sign in to CalTopo on the web. If you haven't yet used CalTopo on the web, use the most convenient of these services.

After completing the login process through your service you'll see the sync screen appear where you can name this specific mobile installation. The default is the name of your mobile device.

Sync Screen

Selecting sync account will prompt you to open the link with CalTopo. Either Just Once or Always will continue appropriately back to the CalTopo app.

Activation Screen Select App

The final screen confirms the account is set up to use with CalTopo mobile and you're ready to start mapping. You will now be able to easily move data back and forth between the web and mobile apps.

Final Setup Screen

This will fully set up CalTopo for use on your phone with a link to your account. For specific use information head to the other associated articles in the Mobile Apps Section.