Basic App Functions and Menus

Basic App Functions and Menus

Most app functions and settings are accessed directly from the home screen. Below is a brief overview of each menu and overall functionality.

Top Bar

Main Menu: Download Layers, General Settings, Your Library (Maps, Tracks, Bookmarks)

Measure Menu: All Measurements, Includes: Position + Elevations, Distance, Bearings, Areas

Map Items: Import and Export Items and Tracks, Add Items to Map, Show/Hide Map Items, Edit Items

Find: Find a Location by Name or GPS

Layers Menu: Set Base Layer, Stack Layers, Overlays including Realtime Forecasts and Data

Bottom Bar

Track Menu: Options Related to Recording Tracks, Includes Track Info, Track Me, Pause Track, End Track

Location Menu: Options Related to Location, Includes Find Me, Follow Me, Add Marker at this Location, Compass/Heading

Home Screen with labeled menus

Main Menu

Main Menu

Measure Menu

Measure Menu

Map Items

Map Item Menu


Find Location

Layer Menu

Layer List