How do I track garmin dog collars on sartopo?

Joshua Godfrey

I am with SCSAR and would like to track our dog collars live on Sartopo.  Is there a way to do this?




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    Julie Vargo
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    We do not directly support integration with the dog collars. We do have an API you can send position updates to, if you can get them into the right format. There's a guy in Washington that wrote a program to get the Garmin collars into this format, but it's a volunteer/hobby project and we can't promise any level of support from him.


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    Thomas Costello

    We have tinkered with this utility.  Though we've followed the README and can see the data on our laptops (Collar, GPS, ID, etc.) we can't get that last step to make it visible in SARTopo or CalTopo.  We add the Locator and appear to have the correct Fleet, etc... but I have no way of verifying if the API call from that King Co utility matches what you're showing in your dialog box when we add the Locator.  We are Internet connected via Starlink from our command/base, so we're able to see all other tracking on both SAR/Cal, but just can't get those collars visible.


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