Bring presets back.

Scott Chandler

Was told presets were not coming back. I find this unacceptable. The new default layer setting is in fact, a preset. Now just make three more of those and link them to an A, B or C button. As a geographer, the work I have to do to set layers I commonly use is...annoying. Turn this on, turn that off, change this layer, change that layer. Caltopo is a wonderful tool, but not working with us on presets is a miscalculation. Please rethink this.




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    You can set default layers on all saved maps: 

    Preset layers are unfortunately not going to be added back into CalTopo. 

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    Rachel, I agree with Scott. This is unacceptable. Please bring them back. If you all are so opposed to it (I have no clue why you would be?), why not make it an option in settings? Give us users the option to turn it on or not. The settings menu is not cluttered at all,,,there is room for it. Default it to off and if someone wants to turn it on they can. What is the harm in that? 


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