Geofencing to exclude areas with alarm


We have been using CalTopo for about a year and are impressed with its many features.  However, we have run into a need to set geofences around features in our maps to protect them.  We have archeological sites within our polygons that we cannot enter with equipment.  Each machine has a phone to track progress, so a geofence with an audio and/or visual alarm would be very helpful.  The ramifications of entering an archy site with equipment are significant, the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. An additional layer of protection would be helpful.  It would also be useful to have the capability to geofence a polygon so we get an alarm if we leave the area, to keep us within the project area.  I see this having many applications outside my needs.  Anybody else see this as useful?



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    CLMRG Cash

    indeed! we have been told not to go into certain privet properties even in pursuit of a mission person. the ability to have a notification on my phone if I cross a line would be good. this would also go well with alerting people who are tracking to turn off their tracking when they are leaving the search operation.


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