Improved Search Functionality

Luke Muszkiewicz

When entering coordinates or a location name, show a list of possible matches and allow the user to select the appropriate match. Currently, you are either taken directly to a result or shown a message that there was no match. For example, if I search Helena, I'm taken to Helena, Montana instead of Helena, Alabama. In this situation, it would be helpful to show both Helena, Montana and Helena, Alabama as options and let the user confirm.




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    Charlie Jay


    As an Australian user, all locations automatically default to US addresses. Having the option would be good if there is more than one location. Currently I just search in google maps first and then copy the DD across into the search box.

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    Anton Afanassiev

    This is a pain point for me too. When entering the name of a southwest BC peak, I usually get an error message "Unable to parse Peak Name Here". This happens even if I enter the name exactly as seen on the mapbuilder topo layer. It would be cool to see a dropdown of the closest matching options to your search term after you search. Perhaps this could be sorted by distance to your current GPS location, which would solve Charlie's issue also.


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