Better Icons

Eric North

I'm new to CalTopo and maybe I'm missing something.  It appears to me there are two sets of icons; one for SAR use and one for recreational use.  Neither (though I would expect to find these in recreation) has many of the most basic icons I would think hikers, campers and riders would use.  Trailhead. Trail Marker / Trail Sign.  Caution.  Impassible.  Campsite.  It would be great if CalTopo would:

1. Add more of these.

2. Give us the ability to delete or hide those that are never used, or at least let us create a group of frequently used icons.  I'd be happy with 5-10.





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    You do have the ability to add custom icons to your account:

    We will take the idea for "favorites" into account, thanks!

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    If you're taking suggestions (which you might not be), an icon for toilet would be helpful.  There's all the extra stuff like ATM, recycling, AED, shower, gas, food, photo location, water...  Not all toilets have water, so I can't use the water icon.  I know I can make a custom icon, but with breadth of icons available, seems like the symbol for toilet would be in the standard offering.   If there is one, and I somehow keep missing it - please let me know.

    btw, love Caltopo - you folks are doing a great job


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