Ability to omit the QR code, scale bar, and north arrow on printed maps

Adrian Griffin

When I print a map, I like to get as much as possible on an 8½ x 11 or 8½ x 14 page. The QR code, scale bar, and north arrow take up a lot of room, particularly when the map is printed landscape.  Printing with USNG gridlines gives a good indication of scale and direction. An option to leave out the QR code, scale bar, and north arrow would allow users to get more map on their printed page. 




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    Charlie Jay

    I partly agree. Not sure why we need two scales when I've chosen to work metric and also that they span the whole width.

    I don't mind the QR Code,

    The North and magnetic variance is essential for all maps.

    I would like to see grid lines for lat-long like we have with UTM.

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    Harlan Grossman
    • Edited

    I agree. I would like this feature to be able to print without the scale QR code, and MN information. I am currently trying to piece together a large map (45x 55"ish), and it is hugely cost efficient to print 8.5 by 11s and tape them together. I think I'll try adjusting the margins and see how well that works.


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