Travel Plan - Add Time of Day to Way Points


Add starting time as a user fillable field to the travel plan and then add the time of day each waypoint will be reached. 

I'm currently doing this in a spreadsheet (see screenshot), but it would nice to have it built in. I use this to plan meals stops and my start/finish times (to make sure I'm not out passed hh:mm). 

Bonus 1: During an activity, use current time and location to give updated travel plan numbers. 
Bonus 2: Add a date field and show first light, sunrise, sunset, last light, etc. 
Bonus 3: Allow setting different start times for different days for multiday plans. 
Bonus 4: Find a way to make this data persistent (like break durations in way points). 
Bonus 5: Break out total time for work and break

Screenshot of my Travel Plan Spreadsheet that shows the times:



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    John j (tahoebound91)

    I think it would also be very beneficial to have a line in the waypoint data with the date and time it was created and last edited. It could be very useful information in a SAR operation. 


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