Resource Objects and Next Steps

M Davis

Resources and specifically people resources are a big deal. I see there are 2 posts about 1 year old but I wish to bring it back to life. Maybe you already have a replacement tool underway. Here is my list of added functionality related to Resources. We spend a lot of time managing this aspect in a handwritten form that may or may not be legible. 


— Add a Resource Type of “Team”. (Team, Person, Equipment)

-- Add Person resources from file. (Exists)

— Export Person resources to file. (Exists)

— Add “Team” field dropdown to Assignment dialog

— Add “Status” field dropdown to Person dialog. (Checked-In, Checked-Out)

-- Print Team and Person resource name on 104 form. (Person exists, Add Team)

-- Indicate assigned Team next to Team Size Column under Assignment Bulk Ops.

-- Add bulk ops feature to Resources and select Resource Type. (Team, Person, Equipment)

        Person Fields: Name, Agency, Team, Status (Checked-In, Checked-Out)

        Team Fields: Name, Status (Staging, Rehab, Retired)

        Equipment Fields: Name, Description, Team, Status (Available, Unavailable)

--         Assign Person to a Team.

        Assign Equipment to a Team

        Export to file columns, Person/Equipment Name, Team, Assignment, Operational Period


I would love a historical archive of the above relationships but that may be beyond the relational capabilities of your backend. We can save 104 forms to PDF for archival if necessary. Under this scenario we could create a new team any time a team member changes or anytime a new assignment occurs depending on preference.




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