download data to sd card

I live, recreate, and do SAR in a very remote area with poor cellular coverage.  The biggest challenge with using the phone app is to have data pre-downloaded for wherever I'm going.  Maintaining very much data takes a lot of space on my phone.  I found the instructions for moving downloaded data to my phone's secondary memory, but it takes a fair bit of navigating ( ).  And when I go to download something else, it seems to store in main memory again so I have to move the files every time I do a download.  Could you please add an option to store data on a secondary memory card?  This could simply be a checkbox to hit while starting the download.
A great additional feature would be for a SAR team lead to check a box to request data downloads, then when members open the map they would get a message that the team lead has requested they download a particular set of background data and asking for permission to do so.
Thanks and have a great day!



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