Battery drainage over long periods

Valentino Escalona
Hi Caltopo Community I have a question about retaining the phones battery performance over long periods when recording tracks.. The crew that are out in the field need to record their track logs over 7.5 hour periods. All have their phones batteries 100% charged at the start of the day and empty after the days done. Question: Is there any suggestions to improve the batteries performance without compromising recording the record track detail? Thanks in advance!



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    You can turn down the track detail in settings within the app to cut down on battery usage (hamburger menu upper left, settings, record track detail).

    Interval between updates for each detail level: 

    • Highest: 2.5s 
    • High: 5s 
    • Medium: 10s 
    • Low: 30s 

    Keeping the phone in airplane mode in marginal/no service will also help the battery life. 



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    Valentino Escalona

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks so much for your response. That's what we have done! It has increased the batteries performance for sure. 

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions or find any other ways other than detailed above.

    Thanks again!


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