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We have recently had two incidences where I wanted to share a map with an organization outside of our team.

I saw a few different ways to share, and I wanted to see what was the best way to accomplish this so the other team can have Update or Manage rights, and how would they sign-in to that map?

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    Chuck Rozner

    If you only occasionally share maps with random others outside of your team, the easiest way is to create a shareable link. If you have manage or admin permissions on your team account, click on the i inside the circle on the let side o your screen. There will be a prompt on the drop down menu to create a link that you can share or a QR code. I believe that the highest permission that you can grant is Write, not manage.

    If you often share maps with a specific other team, you can set up collaborations between your teams. We have 8 mountain rescue teams in our county and have set this up. You can place your map in your team's collaboration folder and the other teams who are set up to collaborate with you can have access to the map. You can set it up to give the other teams the permission level that you want. 

    Both of these solutions are documented on the CalTopo help site.

    Chuck Rozner


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