Tracking Inconsistencies

Larry Byron

I have been using an individual account in lieu of us getting a team account.

i have been pushing the shared link out with the rights set to “write”. 
Some of the cell phones are reporting tracks in an odd way that is not completely accurate, and some not at all. Are you aware of any cell phone software version issues / carrier issues that might cause this?

Thank you!



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    Hi Larry. 

    Probably best for us to trouble shoot this via email so we can look at your account and map. Please send us an email at including the map you are sharing, and the email your account is tied to so we can take a look. 

    In regards to the tracks that are not showing up, please ensure these people have that map open BEFORE they start tracking on their mobile device. If not, the track will only save to their account, and not the specific map. 

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