Stopping App Tracks


Is there a way to force stop the app track in a team account if a member forgets to stop recording at the end of an assignment?




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    It is not possible to make changes to someone else's device. They will need to go into their app and stop tracking manually. From there you can split the track and delete the unnecessary data. 

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    Should not the map owner have the rights to stop a feed to its map?

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    Hi Steve, 

    If someone is tracking on your map, you have given them permission levels on the map. We do not have a way to stop what is happening on someone else's device from your computer. The live track must be stopped on the device itself. 

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    Jeremiah Small
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    I found a workaround.

    I too found this frustrating on a big search. We frequently had field teams leaving after debrief, having stopped their tracks, apparently while out of network range, and then not having opened the map again to let that final sync happen to convert it to a line. It would be impractical to contact each individual searcher and ask them all to open the map one final time to.

    1.  Export all the App Tracks in question so you have a backup in case things go wrong.

    2. Click the App Track in question and choose "copy to track".

    3. Before saving, in the copy dialog add a differentiating suffix (e.g. "copy") to differentiate it.

    4a. Before saving, in the copy dialog click "edit anyway" if you get a warning about editing being disabled for performance reasons.

    4b. Before saving, in the copy dialog click "edit anyway" to the "This object's GPS time / elevation data will be lost on edit" warning.

    5. Click OK to save the new copy.

    6. You are now free to delete the original App Tracks from your map


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