Renaming App Tracks

Dave Qualley

When renaming and App Track on the web version of SarTopo I often have to try 3-5 times before the new name sticks.   I'll rename the track, but within 1-2 seconds it will revert to the name that the field user initially created on their phone.  Similarly if I try to change the colour of the track, it will revert to the colour chosen by the user in the field.  After multiple attempts it eventually keeps the change I've made.  It's incredibly frustrating when I'm working with 10-20 users in the field and trying to rename/colour each of their tracks for better visual organization in the Command truck.



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    Hi Dave, 

    Track re-naming is a new feature, and this is not anticipated behavior. I'd love to take a look at your account/maps to see what is going on here. Can you reach out to us at so we can take a look?


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