Creating Clues/Markers, etc via API/Integration

Craig Kelker

I am working on a tool that scans drone images.  When a Mission Leader finds something within an image, I want to post that image's GPS coordinates as a CLUE (most likely object, but advise).  

Because operational speed is critical, I plan to create buttons within my tool like "Post This Image Location to SARTopo".  Assuming the Mission Leader has created a map already, I expect to:

  1. Show the Mission Leader the short list of existing (active?) shared maps.
  2. They select the map "Lost Hiker 1-2-2023"
  3. As they review the drone's images, they click, click, click the "Post Image Location to SARTopo" which then updates the shared team map so the team can investigate the locations.

Where is the documentation to handle these tasks (retrieve map list and post CLUE to map)?



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    Hello Craig, there's a free open-source python package and module called sartopo_python that serves as a python interface to the (undocumented) caltopo web API.  I'm the author and a member of a SAR team that uses CalTopo extensively - I'm not on CalTopo staff - so it's a third-party private effort that's not supported by CalTopo.  Feel free to contact me (CalTopo help staff could relay the contact info) if you want to discuss it more.

    Sorry to not have seen this earlier - maybe you've already got something up and running by now?


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