Offline Releases

Current Beta (A, build #5)

This release includes some major non-user-facing changes that lay the groundwork for upcoming features. The sync protocol is stable, and synced accounts can access the new map downloader with lower-48-wide MapBuilder coverage. However, the sync UI may change a bit to allow automatic communication between the offline version and CalTopo or SARTopo rather than having to generate and copy a code, so I'm going to hold off on publicizing it until that gets worked out.

User-facing changes include:

  • GeoJSON import / export, to supplant the now-deprecated "Cal/SARTopo Backup" GPX option.
  • Improved bootup time for offline installs with large numbers of .mbtiles files, particularly on a spinning disk.
  • Layer updates
    • MapBuilder Topo, Hybrid and Overlay are available in the offline version. MapBuilder Hybrid has been tweaked slightly so that the offline version can re-use tiles between Topo and Hybrid rather than needing to download the two separately.
    • New DEM (digital elevation model) layer combines elevation, slope and aspect data into a single tile. The older separate elevation, slope and aspect layers are deprecated but will be supported for the forseeable future.
    • Shaded relief and slope angle shading are now automatically computed from elevation data, there is no need to download relief and slope angle shading data for offline use.
  • Improved OpenLayers mouse sensitivity - nudging the mouse several pixels while clicking will now register as a click rather than a drag.
  • Fix bug that prevented importing clues with null names.
  • Fix custom layer caching - previously showing multiple custom layers at once could cause a cache conflict that would prevent one layer from rendering properly.
  • Fix profile bug that prevented PNG, PDF and CSV exports of lines with HTML entities (e.g. &) in their name.

Build #5 adds a few minor bugfixes and removes the worrisome-looking "illegal access exception" message on Java versions 9 and 10.