Desktop Releases


Offline subscription was renamed to "Desktop" as of 8/26/19. The product offering remains unchanged, and some references to offline will likely still exist for a while.

Offline C / Beta 14

This version has picked up some small bugfixes from the past 6+ months, but the major changes are:

  • Switch database from HSQLDB to SQLite. This allows offline, android and iOS to all run the same backend code and will reduce testing and simplify new feature development going forward. Unfortunately the only way to migrate existing data is to either back it up as GeoJSON files or sync the maps to CalTopo / SARTopo and then re-sync them on the new install. The transition will be a little painful but it's necessary long term.
  • Higher resolution icons and new icon selector
  • Use UTF-8 encoding to properly support international characters.


With some changes to the initial sync UI flow, sync is ready to go public. Bookmarked maps (new feature) are also synced, allowing the offline version to view / edit maps owned by other users, although bookmarks must currently be setup on the website rather than in the offline version. Additional changes include:

  • Export USAR iron sights icons to GPX
  • Do not show multiple new-object dialogs at once
  • Prevent labels from printing when turned off in map viewer
  • Fix several view-from-here bugs
  • Align 104 D/S table cells to top
  • Fix bulk ops shape lengths and NAD27 coordinates
  • Fix waypoint (SAR-specific) bulk ops
  • Clicking selects causing parent menu to disappear in Firefox
  • Locators not inheriting track lengths from groups
  • Fix offline-specific callsign feature
  • Add scroll wheel zoom while drawing


This release includes some major non-user-facing changes that lay the groundwork for upcoming features. The sync protocol is stable, and synced accounts can access the new map downloader with lower-48-wide MapBuilder coverage. However, the sync UI may change a bit to allow automatic communication between the offline version and CalTopo or SARTopo rather than having to generate and copy a code, so I'm going to hold off on publicizing it until that gets worked out.

User-facing changes include:

  • GeoJSON import / export, to supplant the now-deprecated "Cal/SARTopo Backup" GPX option.
  • Improved bootup time for offline installs with large numbers of .mbtiles files, particularly on a spinning disk.
  • Layer updates
    • MapBuilder Topo, Hybrid and Overlay are available in the offline version. MapBuilder Hybrid has been tweaked slightly so that the offline version can re-use tiles between Topo and Hybrid rather than needing to download the two separately.
    • New DEM (digital elevation model) layer combines elevation, slope and aspect data into a single tile. The older separate elevation, slope and aspect layers are deprecated but will be supported for the forseeable future.
    • Shaded relief and slope angle shading are now automatically computed from elevation data, there is no need to download relief and slope angle shading data for offline use.
  • Improved OpenLayers mouse sensitivity - nudging the mouse several pixels while clicking will now register as a click rather than a drag.
  • Fix bug that prevented importing clues with null names.
  • Fix custom layer caching - previously showing multiple custom layers at once could cause a cache conflict that would prevent one layer from rendering properly.
  • Fix profile bug that prevented PNG, PDF and CSV exports of lines with HTML entities (e.g. &) in their name.

Build #5 adds a few minor bugfixes and removes the worrisome-looking "illegal access exception" message on Java versions 9 and 10.