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This article and much of our Knowledge Base now lives at the CalTopo training site. This specific page can be found here. Please go there for the most up to date information, as well as more comprehensive instructions for using CalTopo.

CalTopo has partnered with Mountyn.co to offer an option to have your map printed and mailed to you. Mountyn.co offers one size of printed map (12x18 inches), on your choice of traditional or synthetic (durable AND waterproof!) paper. The maps are two pages, printed front and back on a single sheet of paper and run $10, mailed.

Below we walk you through the very basics of creating a map and sending it to Mountyn.co to print. Users who wish to dig more into CalTopo and how to use the program should visit our Getting Started Guide.

Part One: Create a Map

CalTopo provides lots of options for the background image, or base layer, for your map. On top of this, you can add markers (waypoints), draw lines that follow trails or go cross-country, designate planned campsites, and much more.

You do not have to add any objects to your map in order to print. We encourage you to plan your route and share your digital map with someone before your trip so there is a reference in case of emergency. This is not required for printing.

Use the search bar to find the area to build your map. If you have specific coordinates for a place, you can enter those, but it also works with plain English, such as the name of a trail or lake, a town, a wilderness area, or a park. For example, you can search Yosemite National Park or Half Dome or Vernal Falls. If you aren’t sure

Once you find the location that you want to print a map for, you can add objects with names (labels) and comments. Please see the other Knowledge Base articles for more information, such as Getting Started Layers, Overlays, and Objects.


After you have found the area for your map adjusted layers and added any objects you want, you can go to print. This opens in a separate browser tab, where you will be able to move the map around and zoom in and out more to get the view just right.

Part Two: Selecting the print area and Sending it to Mountyn.co

To open the print page, use the Print menu at the top of the map viewer screen. Select Order A Map from Mountyn.Co.



A new browser tab will open. In that tab, on the left side of the window is a section with several options and on the right side is the map viewer with two red rectangles that are slightly overlapping. These rectangles represent the two different sides of the printed map. Each rectangle is moveable and can be resized. They do not have to overlap, but doing so will add some continuity between the two sides of your map.

Each rectangle can be oriented either to Portrait or Landscape, and have it’s own scale. For ease of reading, you may want the same scale on both sides of the map. You can also choose from a fixed, common scale at the top of the options list. Mountyn.co has an excellent description of how scale affects the readability of the map as you are using it.

Size and center the red rectangles in the map viewer to cover the area to print. Drag the corners of the rectangles to resize. Grab the red dot at the center of each rectangle to move the entire box at once.

Once you have everything lined up as you want it for printing, click the button to send it to the next step at Mountyn.Co.


It could take a few minutes for your map to load.

After your map preview loads, review it before completing your purchase.

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