Working with Folders

Folders help you organize objects. In particular folders are useful for controlling which objects appear on the map.

To toggle the display of objects in a folder, click the check box beside the folder name. In the example, clicking the box besides "Lines & Polygons" would turn off the display of the lines on the map.


Click it again to display the lines.


By default, new polygons and lines are placed in the “Lines and Polygons” folder. This includes any lines and polygons that are imported. A good practice is to use the “Lines and Polygons” folder as a work area, and move any objects that you want to retain into a folder with other like objects.

  1. To create a new object folder, select “Add” and then “Add Folder”. Type in the folder name (e.g. “My Trails”) and click “Save”.


  2. To move a group of objects from "Lines & Polygons" into the new folder, click “Bulk Objects” under "Lines & Polygons".


  3. Select the objects you want to move. You can select multiple objects by:

    1. Holding the CTRL(Windows) or Command(Mac) key down and clicking on each item.
    2. To select a series of items, click the first item desired and then hold the SHIFT key down and click the last item desired
    3. Click “Change Attributes”.


  4. Select the folder (e.g. “My Trails”). You can also change other attributes such as Color and Line Style as shown.


  5. Here's the map with the lines in "My Trails" with the new color and line style, and "Lines & Polygons" not visible.


You can also control which objects appear on the map by item, see the "Set Visibility" setting in the Config Menu article.

To turn off the list objects in a folder in the left bar, but still continue to display the objects on the map, click the name of the folder. This collapses the list of items. To expand the list, click the folder name again.


You can also control how objects are labelled on the map by folder. See the "Show Labels" setting in the Config Menu article.