Creating Markers

You can add a Marker by:

  1. Selecting the “Add” menu on the top bar and then "Add Marker",

  2. Or selecting “Add New Object” at the bottom of the left menu bar and then "Add Marker"

  3. Or right-click a location on the map, click "New", then "Marker"


A dialog for adding a Marker will appear. Fill in the attributes for the marker, such as name and comments. If desired, click the Color and/or Style icon to change the appearance of the marker.


Coordinates will default to the center of the map if you created the marker via an “Add” menu (Option 1 and 2 above), or to the cursor location if you added the marker by right-clicking the map (Option 3 above).

The coordinates will display in the default coordinate system as defined in the Config Menu, but can be entered in any coordinate system format.

You can move the marker using either of these methods:

  1. Type the coordinates to a known location in the "Coordinates" box, Once the coordinates are entered, tab or click to another field and make sure that the green "Coordinates OK" appear to the right of the Coordinates box.


  2. Or click and drag the marker displayed on the map


Click "OK" when you are done.

Editing and Deleting Markers

Refer to Working with Objects for how to edit or delete a marker.

Tool Menus for Markers

There are three methods to bring up a tools menu for a marker.

  1. Right-click the marker on the map to get this menu.


  2. Or left-click the marker on the map to get the marker pop-up.


  3. Or click the marker name in the left menu bar to get the same marker pop-up.


Tools for Markers

  • Move the marker
    • If using the right-click method above, choose "Drag to New Location".
    • Otherwise click "Edit" and then click and hold the marker and drag it to its new location.

If using the right-click method above, all four of the following tools are available by clicking "Point Info".
Further information for each tool is available at the links below:

The Position & Elevation and Sun Exposure tools are available from the marker pop-up.