Downloading Map Data in Desktop App (MacOS, Windows)

CalTopo Desktop / SARTopo Desktop now includes a built-in map downloader, with downloads based on a 15x15 minute grid. In order to download maps, you must be Synced to or

  1. Start Cal/SARTopo Offline and click on your account name at the top left.

  2. Click on the "Offline Access" tab and then "Get map data". This will open the map downloader in a new browser tab.

  3. Pan / zoom the map to the area you want to download maps for. If the map is zoomed really far out (ie at a national level) you may need to zoom in for the download grid to appear. Set the layer you want to download and the resolution, and then click to select individual squares, or shift-click to select large blocks at once. When you are ready, click download.


    The total download size is shown just above the download link, to help you tailor your selection and resolution. For most recreational uses, standard resolution will be fine and will save a significant amount of space. For detailed route planning, choose high or for imagery, max.

    Shaded relief and slope angle shading are computed on the fly from elevation data and no longer require separate downloads. Additionally, downloading MapBuilder Topo for an area will automatically download elevation data (so that shaded relief can be added in). To use the MapBuilder Hybrid layer offline, download both MapBuilder Topo and the most recent year's imagery for the area you want.

  4. As your maps download, the status indicator will update with the number of files and total size left to download. You can select and queue up additional layers / areas while your current selection is downloading.


  5. Once your downloads have completed, those areas will show up as blue boxes (light blue for partial resolution, dark blue for full resolution) and will not be downloaded again, even if part of a larger selection.


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