Desktop Sync

To implement offline syncing:

  1. Start Cal/SARTopo Desktop

  2. Go to http://localhost:8080/map.html. Click on "offline user" at the top left.


  3. Click the "Your Account" tab and then click "Sync to CalTopo" or "Sync to SARTopo"


  4. If you're not currently signed into Cal/SARTopo Online, you will be prompted to login. Login to the Cal/SARTopo account that you want to sync Cal/SARTopo offline with.


  5. Choose "Simple" Credential Management, enter a device name you will recognize, verify the address of your Cal/SARTopo offline server and click "Link app to account. Note that if the account displayed is not the one you want to sync with, you can login to another Cal/SARTopo Online account at the bottom of the page.


  6. Click on "Start Mapping"


  7. At this point, you should see your username instead of "offline user".


  8. You should also see all of your CaSARTopo maps, PDFs, etc. A blue refresh icon means that an object is synced, ie you already have a copy locally. A black refresh icon means that you do not yet have a local copy. You can click this icon to sync the object, or if internet is available, it will automatically sync when opened. When you create a new map or PDF, it will remain local until manually synced. Instead of the refresh icon, you'll see an up arrow (upload / sync to / and a red X to delete the local copy.


    All existing data must be managed on / - there is no way to delete a synced map/PDF/layer/icon within Cal/SARTopo Offline.

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