Privacy Policy

When you use a 3rd party OpenID login ( to sign into CalTopo or SARTopo, CalTopo LLC (the sites' parent company) collects your email address in addition to a unique identifier. This address may need to be shared with third parties for site business, such as our payment processor Stripe. We also may send you occasional emails with important account information, or to help fix problems with your account. CalTopo LLC does not send a regular e-mail newsletter at this point in time.

We won’t share your personal data e.g. e-mail, with any third party which is not related to CalTopo or SARTopo.

CalTopo and SARTopo use cookies to track your current session, and to store map settings for future visits. CalTopo and SARTopo also rely on Google Maps and Google Analytics, which may set their own cookies.

Last updated 09/11/2019

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