Managing Your Account

Merging Accounts

You can merge multiple Google or Yahoo addresses into a single CalTopo account. This lets you create backup logins, in case you find yourself locked out of your primary login, and also makes it easier to get at your CalTopo data regardless of which email account you're currently using.

In this example, pretend we have two email addresses, and We want to be the primary email for this account, and use as a backup.

  1. Sign in to CalTopo using your address.

  2. Click on your account name at the top of the left bar, then the your account tab on the dialog.

  3. Immediately below your account name, you should see a "merge accounts" button. Click it.


  1. Click the "generate a code" link.


  1. The link will be replaced with a code; copy that code so that you can use it later.


  1. Close the account merge dialog and click the logout link on the main account dialog.

  2. Sign back in to CalTopo as

  3. Click on your account name at the top left, then the "your account" tab, then click the "merge accounts" button again.

  4. Enter the field you copied earlier and click GO.


All of the maps and PDFs that previously belonged to will now belong to the account instead. You can still sign in using and all of your data will still be available, but CalTopo will show your account as if you had signed in using the address.