Config Menu

Bring up the Config Menu by clicking "Config" on the top menu bar.


The following config options are available:


  • Show Labels – You can choose “All”, “By Folder” or “None” and with or without a white background for the label. If “By Folder” is selected, either “Labels Shown” or ”Labels Hidden” will show at the bottom of each folder. Click the text to toggle the labels on or off.


  • Set Visibility – Options are "By Folder" or "By Item". If "By Folder" is selected, each folder will have a check box beside it in the left menu bar. Clicking the check box will display all of the items in the folder on the map. If "By Item" is checked, each item will also have a check box to indicate whether that item is to be displayed on the map or not.


  • Show UTM/USNG Grid – Whether to show the UTM / USNG gridlines in the Datum specified below on the map display on screen. The Print function also has a grid option. In SARTopo, printed assignment maps automatically include Grids in the pirmary coordinate system and Datum (see below). Slide the intensity slider to lighten or darken the grid lines.


  • Update URL on Map Move – Indicates whether the coordinates are added to the URL when the map is re-centered.


  • Datum – WGS84 or NAD27. The Datum used for coordinate display and entry. The current datum displays at the top right of the map.


  • Units – Mixed, Metric, Imperial, Feet Only, Acres Only. Configures which units to use when displaying distance and area. Examples of where distance and area are displayed included above the map on the right, and an object menu. The examples below illustrate "Mixed" units.


  • Coordinate – Primary and Secondary. Options are UTM, USNG, Degrees, Deg Min, Deg Min Sec. This option specifies what coordinate system is to be used in the position display at the top right of the map. Note that you can enter coordinates in any system format (e.g. when adding a marker or entering a location in the search box) regardless of this setting.


  • Show Position – "At Cursor" or "At Center". This is for the position display at the top right of the map. If “At Cursor” it changes with mouse movement across the map. If “At Center” it reflects the center of the map. If it is unchecked, the display will not appear.

  • Show Elevation – If checked, the elevation will display in the position display at the top right of the map.



  • Stop at 1000/2000/5000/10000 vertices – This safeguards against the editing of tracks with thousands of vertices which can cause the browser to hang.

  • Snap to – Default data source for the “Snap to” menu. Choices are No Features, Lines and Polygons, OpenStreetMap, Forest Service, Hydrology. See Drawing Lines and Polygon.